Living in a small community certainly has its benefits for us, artists. We have the opportunity to hang our artwork in various venues around town such as the hospital, restaurants, doctors’ offices even the mayor’s office. I have also been lucky to get my name, face and artwork into various newspapers around the Quinte area . After The Rednersville Art Tour on the Labour Day Weekend, I was featured with one of my favourite paintings in the Intelligencer ( Belleville’s newspaper ) as well as the County paper. I loved painting  in this completely new style ( for me ) , CREEK IN THE COUNTY, especially  the effect of the vibrant colours.

Then last Friday, I found another one of my paintings in the Intelligencer. It was on the gallery page featured in the Intel every Friday , along with some other images by artists of the Belleville Art Association. This one depicts my three granddaughters. The inspiration for this one came last spring when my daughter and I took them to the library during March Break. Since they dress themselves , I noticed that they were totally indifferent as to what was appropriate or matched , but rather they wore what they liked and felt most comfortable in.

But , although we, artists get all this exposure, we live in a small community that cannot sustain all of us and sales are few and far between at times !